Hall of Fame Loyalty Program is Here! January 20 2016

Hall of Fame Loyalty Program is coming Janunary 28th. Whether you have been rockin' with our brand from the start or you are just getting to know us we promise this one is going to be fun. All customers inducted into our Hall of Fame Program will be receiving a Hall of Fame poster, for free, as a welcome gift. Here are some perks

1. Game tickets and t-shirt giveaways
2. Exclusive Access to new design drops. Before they drop!
3. Members only T-shirt drops
4. Invitation to Private Events
5. EARN POINTS towards future purchases. You will be able to earn points a number of different ways. By tagging us in pictures, referring your friends, purchasing etc.

There are a few ways to qualify for our loyalty plan.

1. If you have made multiple purchases or spent $100 or more with us
2. If you are part of our 50 states Challenge you are automatically entered. 25 states still need to be filled. All it takes is a picture and a tag.
3. Active Military and Veterans who have purchased are automatically entered.

Some of our most loyal followers will also be grandfathered in. Look out for the email January 28th! Thank you all for your continued support.


If you have futher questions regarding our Hall of Fame Loyalty program please email service@berealapparel.com