Die Hard of the Week: Tasha and Landon from Phoenix, AZ August 03 2016

Each week we have a customer spotlight for some of our most loyal followers. This weeks Dallas DIE HARD of the WEEK goes to Tasha and Lando from Phoenix, AZ this is our second week in a row featuring someone from Arizona! We know Cowboys nation is big out there. Keep reppin guys!

Name: Tasha and Landon wearing our 4Ever Loyal tee and Praying for 6 tee

Instagram @TVANNN
Fan Since: Forever!
City: Phoenix, AZ  
Favorite die hard tee: 

Tasha: 4Ever Loyal collab with @dctrueblue ! 

Landon: Praying for Six 

Favorite Cowboys memory: Tasha- Gotta say, in 2000, when Terrell Owens tried to celebrate on the star & Teague leveled him...No one disrespects the star!

Landon: in 2002, when Emmitt Smith broke the rushing record against the Seahawks


how to enter for our weekly DIE HARD of the WEEK spotlight

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3. hashtag #TheCollectiveFew and tag us so we see it

Thats it! We will try to spotlight as many customers as possible. Creative pictures take priority so try to be as creative as possible. Photos in front of monuments, home games (dallas), or away game pictures will also go on the top of our list. Thank you for being part of the Die Hard Family!