Die Hard Throwback: The Dallas Triplets July 28 2016

The late 80's we witnessed the decline of a storied Dallas Cowboys franchise.Reaching it's lowest point in the 1989 season with the Cowboys going 1-15.

"Four games into the1989 season, Jimmy Johnson, then head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, came up with the idea to trade Walker while on a morning jog with his staff. Johnson felt the Cowboys were so terrible that only a blockbuster trade could help them. He briefly considered trading wide receiver Michael Irvin to the Los Angeles Raiders, but Raiders owner Al Davis essentially talked Johnson out of the trade by saying, "You sure you want to do that? Who is going to catch passes for you?" Johnson felt that Walker was the only remaining bargaining chip they had." - Wikipedia

 This would eventually lead to the infamous 'Great Trade Roberry' and the emergence of the Great 90's Cowboys Dynasty. The 90's saw a shift in power and the emergence of a youthful Dallas Cowboys team that was unstoppable during the first half of the decade. Mentioned among some of the best teams in history. There is no debating who the team of the 90's was. Our Ball like the 90's tees and hoodies pay tribute to this important time in Dallas history. These will be restocked in August, so if you missed out the first time, make sure to grab yours when during our annual re-stock. Check them out here Wear the history loud and proud, because if history didn't matter then why play the game?

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