New-Age Dallas Triplets October 19 2016

So we recently made an edit for social media purposes with Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliot, and Dez Bryant depicted as the new triplets in Dallas. The point of the edit was for fun, we made a play on the classic 90s Ninja Turtles logo(check out the tee here). This caused a lot of debate with fans as to who should be represented as receiver. Some fans were ok with Dez Bryant because he has been with the team longer and has proven that he could be an elite receiver in the league. It is also early in the season and fan sentiment can change from week to week. However, some fans felt strongly about wanting Cole Beasley represented as the 3rd triplet in Dallas. There is no denying that Beasley is having a tremendous season. So we listened. Below you can see both edits! Make sure to visit our Instagram page to vote for who you think..


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