QB Controversy? Not the first time we have had two good QBs in Dallas October 21 2016

Seems as if the Romo-Dak debate is splitting fans apart. We need to stick together. AS LONG AS WE ARE WINNING WE ARE GOOD! This isn't the first time the Cowboys have had two starter quality QBs. In fact they both led the Cowboys to a Super Bowl in back to back years.

Here's a little bit of history for todays Throwback Thursday.
During the 1970 season, both Morton and Staubach started for about half of the regular season games. Morton was ultimately selected to lead the team through the playoffs and eventually to their Super Bowl V loss to the Baltimore Colts, 16–13. The next year, Staubach won the starting job and eventually led Dallas to defeat the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl VI, 24–3. Staubach was also named Super Bowl MVP during that game. In 1972, Morton started most of the Cowboys' games as Staubach was out with a separated shoulder. However, in the division playoffs against San Francisco, Staubach relieved Morton and led the team to a come-from-behind victory, which assured Staubach of the starting job going forward.

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