The Romo Era: What was and what could have been... April 05 2017

Tony Romo is hanging them up, surely you have heard the news by now. After 14 years with the Dallas Cowboys Tony Romo leaves as one of the most prolific quarterbacks in franchise history. One debate that will continue among fans as Romo ends his career is Romo's lack of playoff success. Is this a reflection of his ability as a quarterback or Jerry Jones' ability to surround the quarterback with enough talent? 

Looking back at his career there is one play that will haunt Romo forever. The Dez Bryant 'no catch' against Green Bay looms even larger now that Tony has retired. A black cloud that will forever hang over the head of Romo and Cowboys Nation alike. 

This was Tony Romos real final shot at a Super Bowl. Plenty of people would argue the Dallas Cowboys were the best team in the league throughout the 2014 season. Who would have thought that after that loss to Green Bay Tony Romo would only start 4 more games for the Dallas Cowboys? Think about it. Tony Romo was at the top of his game during the 2014 season (most agree he had an MVP type season) he comes in to the 2015 season and goes 2-0 to start the season before his first collarbone injury. We all know the rest of the story for the 2015 season. Tony Romo will forever wonder 'what could have been' But that's just the nature of the NFL, its not fair. It never has been and it never will be. So as we reflect on Tony Romo's career i'd rather remember the spectacular highlights he gave us each and every week. I'd rather remember how he poured his heart and soul into the Dallas Cowboys franchise and how graciously he handled himself through all the turmoil throughout his career. Thank you for everything Tony!

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