2016 REDEMPTION TOUR - Hey Dallas nation, 2016 is the year of REDEMPTION. 

when you travel or go to an opponent’s stadium, lets mark our turf. Let them know who owns them and exactly why the Cowboys will always be Americas Team; it’s not about the win-loss record. It’s because of us: THE DIE HARD FANS.

Bring the ‘Die Hard Turf’ sign when you go to a game and snap a picture of you and the sign next to opponents stadium, sports bars, historical  landmarks, unique attractions or just anywhere. The Redemption tour starts now! Lets mark our Turf anywhere we go. Send us the photo via Instagram, email, facebook with a short description so we can show the world  that Dallas Die Hard Nation is here to stay. Scroll below to see the fans already attending the games. If you want your name added get your sig today. 

Every week we will  haven’t contest and giveaways for the best photos that we receive or the photos with the most likes. This will include merchandise give away, game day ticket giveaways, and much more.

Don’t have a sign yet? See below for details on how you can order one for FREE!


ORDER FREE Die Hard Turf sign



Away Games


Sept 18

Washington Redskins

@ s_t_a_t_18 , @ duski1dawn, @cooljer009, @jpmadethebeat,@OnlyPureMusic

Oct 2

SF 49ers

@pab911 - @juice247, @katpop22, @_colie_cole_,@keef.g, @bigrube71,@algalindo,@Tigerpham, @irenecasillasavila, @ese_jorgio, @vi_mmx, @Los.velasco, @Datcreolechica

Oct 16

GB Packers

@myvidaloca15, @duski1dawn, @jmad_ - @olb541 - @alexsoto8, @thatamazinganthony, @calipat2012, @_ittybittysarah

Nov 6

Cleveland Brows

@duski1dawn @animal5198 @keegancarltreball @Timstan82

Nov 13 

Pittsburg Steelers

@ clf102384 - @olb541 - @duskti1dawn @russ__1987

Dec 01

Minessota Vikings

@olb541 @ alexsoto8, @myko365

Dec 11

NY Giants

@art_vasold, @cooljer009, @garysamborgna,@claloca1, @garysamborgna, @OnlyPureMusic

Jan 01

Philadelphia Eagles



Home Games

Sept 11

NY Giants

Game Day Drop (100 limited)

We will be attending all home games for events, giveaways, and tailgate parties

Sept 25


Oct 30

Philadelphia Eagles

Game Day Drop (100 limited)

Nov 20

Baltimore Ravens

Nov 24

Washington Redskins

Dec 18

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Dec 26

Detroit Lions




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